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The Ottawa Hospital -  Sexual Assault & Partner Abuse Care Program
613-798-5555 ext. 13770

Ottawa Police Services - Sexual Abuse & Child Abuse Unit
613-236-1222, Ext. 5944

Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre

Sexual Assault Support Centre of Ottawa

Sexual Assault Awareness Month is quickly coming to a close, but we still have some time to raise awareness and build community action.  So we though, let's go to the airwaves!  Take a few moments to listen to our "Lunch Time Listens".

Podcast 1: Addicitons & Sexual Violence: Making Connecions

Podcast 2: Ideas: How the Broken Window Theory & Sexual Violence Connect.

Podcast 3: Biases, Blame & The Victim Paradigm

Podcast 4: Gender & Online Violence (Voices of Youth)


SAN is having our professional development on May 27, 205 which will be focused on online sexual violence.  Check out our poster for speaker biographies and registraiton information.


SAN is on Facebook! Please "like" our page

The Sexual Assault Network responds to Aficionado Studio's Frosh Week 2014. Find our open letter here.

More Rape Culture in Ottawa.

An Open Letter to the Men at Ottawa University

The Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women welcome you to submit to the Survivor Canvas! This is a virtual outlet for survivors to share their stories through an artistic outlet like poetry, short stories, artwork or narratives.


1. To become a free member with SAN please read the orientation package to verify if you meet the requirements. 

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