Sexual Assault Network - Let's end sexual violence


Through our press release, open letters and media pieces we work to raise awareness of of the existence of sexual violence, and the importance of believing and supporting survivors. We aim to highlight the effects of rape culture, and also celebrate community change.

The Ghomeshi Non-Guilty Verdict; Joint Community Statement

We must believe women when they come forward to discuss their abuse.

Canadian Forces
Candian Forces and Sexual Violence

SAN has been articulated concern about the Canadian Forces' inaction regarding the external recommendations put forward which spoke to a culture which condones sexual violence

End Rape Culture
Open letter to Aficionado Studios

A letter to Jarrett Lopez, Executive Director of Aficionado Studios on the consequences your promotional video for Frosh Week 2014 has on youth safety and sexual violence.

Take action on rape culture
recent rape incident at Ottawa U

An Open Letter to the men involved in the recent rape culture incident at Ottawa U

End Rape Culture
Open Letter Carleton University

SAN’s Open Letter regarding striking Carleton University Safety Officers and Rape Culture

Project SoundCheck Logo
Project SoundCheck

SAN has started to train music festival volunteers and staff in bystander intervention. We are looking to make these spaces fun and safe.