Sexual Assault Network - Let's end sexual violence


Benefits of Membership

SAN members are individuals from organizations that work together to end sexual violence against women.

Male service providers who support the goals and terms of reference of the Sexual Assault Network and who provide direct service to women who have experienced sexual violence are eligible to apply for temporary membership for a period that does not exceed a year.

Becoming a member of SAN will allow you to:

  • connect with others;
  • learn more about the services being offered to survivors in the community;
  • participate in professional development workshops offered by the Network;
  • discuss issues and trends relevant to sexual violence.

SAN members:

  • have access to our blog and SAN library;
  • receive advance notice to attend professional development workshops;
  • build capacity with other others in the service community
  • may attend monthly council meetings to participate in SAN decision-making;
  • serve as a conduit of information between SAN and their workplace;
  • become leaders among their peers by joining the SAN Council.

Membership Structure

Membership is open to women and male service providers.
SAN has three types of membership:

  • Individual members: Individual women who live in or are working in Ottawa and surrounding areas, and who support the goals of the Sexual Assault Network.
  • Group/organization members: Groups/organizations who provide programs, services and activities in Ottawa and the surrounding area, and that support SAN’s goals.
  • Male Membership: Males who work with women who are survivors of sexual violence and support the goals of SAN.