Sexual Assault Network - Let's end sexual violence

Past Projects

Seeds of Change - CAMPAIGN 2011 "Seeds of Change" is an education and awareness campaign with a purpose to engage the community about Sexual Assault Awareness month, and the unfortunate reality of sexual violence experiences among women in Ottawa. Seed packages were distributed across the city of Ottawa in May as part of Sexual Assault Awareness month. Each package includes information about existing sexual assault services –many of which are free. The sunflower seeds represent gradual growth.  YOU can participate simply by accepting the package and planting the seeds as a symbol of your engagement about this important cause. Which seed could be more visible than a giant, at times up to 3 metres tall, sunflower?
GOALS The goal of the project is to increase awareness in our community about sexual violence and resources that are available today. Watch your flower blossom by your office window, in your home or in an authorized public space.