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The Clothesline Project

The Clothesline Project

Women and children will be breaking the silence about violence they’ve experiences by painting messages on T-shirts and displaying them on a clothesline in the community

What is The Clothesline Project?

The Clothesline Project is a visual reminder of the prevalence of violence in our communities, and recognises the voices who are often silenced. This project encourages survivors to break the silence surrounding domestic and sexual violence. Designing and painting a t-shirt is another avenue for a survivor to share their messages of courage, strength, and raise awaness of the impact of violence.  



When does The Clothesline Project Happen?

The Clothesline Project happens every May in Ottawa.


Who Organises The Clothesline Project in Ottawa?

In Ottawa, the Clothesline Project is organised by the Women's Event Network (WEN). WEN is a grassroots coalition made up of representatives from local women's organisations as well as members of the community; SAN is a member and contributes to making events like one this a reality. 


How Can I Get Involved?

To be involved in planning the Clothesline Project, contact the Women's Event Network at: Help and input from community members is always welcomed and appreciated!

To attend a Clothesline Project Painting Party and paint your own shirt, keep an eye on social media, or contact WEN to find out when one is happening in your area.


T-Shirts Painted during the 2019 Clothesline Project: 

Keep watching because more pictures are coming!

Believe Survivors Tshirt
Hearts Tshirt
Girl Power Tshirt
I am not your punching bag Tshirt
safe giyls Tshirt
Life is Good Tshirt
Just thinking Tshirt
Flowers Tshirt