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Document, educate and publicize

The purpose of the Sexual Assault Protocol is to document and publicize the key organizations in the Ottawa community who are providing services for survivors/victims of sexual violence. It gives information on what services are offered by these organizations and how they can be accessed. It was created to assist service providers in delivering a higher quality of emergency services to victims/survivors of sexual violence and support a coordinated approach.

This document was developed by the Protocol Committee - a group of organizations from the criminal justice, health, and social service fields, whose central work is addressing sexual violence. The Committee is committed to working collaboratively to establish a comprehensive and effective community response to sexual violence. Each organization has a unique mandate.

The Sexual Assault Protocol Committee is committed to improving the working relationships and communication between Protocol member organizations. All of us respond to the needs of victims/survivors of sexual violence so that they are able to better support people who have experienced sexual violence.

The Sexual Assault Protocol collectively commits service providers to be inclusive, and bring an understanding to issues related to marginalization and oppression (such as race, language, ethnicity, involvement in the sex industry, immigration status, gender, age, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, and/or abilities of individuals etc.).