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The Council meets once a month and is made up of any SAN member who is prepared to attend at least five of the eight meetings per year.

Council members

  • participate in strategic discussions on community issues
  • provide input into the direction of SAN (develop and modify the annual workplan)
  • are accountable to its members for the decisions of the Council

The Operations of the SAN Council

The Co-Chairs of SAN are elected from amongst the membership at the annual administrative meeting for a term of two years, and a maximum of two consecutive terms. The Co- Chairs are elected alternatively to ensure continuity of SAN.
Council members are women and men from groups/organizations who attend five out of eight meetings per year, and have active voting status.
The SAN Council uses a consensus model to make decisions. If consensus cannot be reached, yet a decision must be made, then a majority vote will be taken.

Advisory Committee

The Committee has no less than three council members and includes the chair or co-chairs of the SAN Council. The Advisory Committee performs mostly administrative functions and meets once a month, in conjunction with the SAN meetings.

Advisory Committee members have specific administrative responsibilities:

  • hiring and supervising the Network's coordinator
  • ensuring that a chairperson is available each month
  • authorizing SAN budget expenditures
  • making decisions on administrative issues

Any person of the SAN Council can choose to be on the Advisory Committee. It is expected that she would have spent some time sitting on the Council before becoming a member of the Advisory Committee.